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Nov 10, 2023Liked by Molly Mahan

Such hard work clearly shown on every page by all the writers. Color me impressed!

Merger - The story moves at a great pace and man do I love the relationship between Gadshill and Trude. Beautifully done.

Stars Like Watchful Eyes - Like a piece of gourmet cake at a 5-star restaurant, rich and delicious. Also, I would like statues of Hri and White Wendre for my shelf, please and thank you.

To Love and Die on Heir - Kylie's emotional journey is so good. I could feel her heart being pulled every which way. Classic conflict so perfectly realized.

I look forward to the whole team working together to bring these to final fruition and will be enjoying a nice drink and snack while I devour these stories with my eyeballs again and again. Well done, All!

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