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By then, fractals ruled. The democratization of the Word -- the atomization of the Vorto -- demanded a cleansing of the Academy before a true Council of Khor could be assembled.  The machinery of legend had been reborn in a great cycle of Change, but before they could move against this external threat -- and the dangerous questions these ‘children-of-the-mind’ asked of the universe -- the Academy must first be cleansed of all dissension.

The one hundred year spell -- a Sorcento --  was cast to purify the Academy and erase its millennia-long divergence from the True Path. The high mages of the great schools began the spell in the year 41 LC / 8049 KC after Syg, the Twilight Stag, failed in his efforts to make peace between the warring factions of the three major Academy clans: The Sinjiro of the Broken Path, the Knights of Khorless Way, and the Pacigisto Warlords.

The Sorcento was a series of cascading spells meant to depower the weakest practitioners of the Broken Path, confuse and disarm the Path’s adepts so they could be captured or killed, and finally, to bind and bury that school’s great lords.


The spell that entombed the great lords of the Broken Path was sealed with a high chant -- the high mages screaming out the conclusion of their hundred year spell in unison: ‘Vahl-lahr! Vahl-lahr! Vahl-lahr!’

And in the year 142 LC / 8150 KC the spell was finished, the Academy was purified, and the great rock of KAOSO was cast out from that moon to its resting place on THERRA.

The chant reduced to a whisper still rings out today. And while over time Vahl-lahr became bastardized as Vallar, the meaning has always been the same: PRISON.

The ROCK is a HOME / the HOME is a PRISON / the PRISON is a ROCK.