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THE ROCK [142 LC / 8150 KC]

Elemental scan of the Rock at Vallar

[01] Scanned successfully. [Va]
[02] Scanned successfully. [Va] + [L]
[03] Scanned successfully. [L]
[04] Scanned successfully. Composition unknown.
[05] Scanned successfully. [La]
[06] Scanned successfully. [R]
[07] Scanned successfully. Composition unknown.
[08] Cannot be scanned. Composition unknown.


The Institute was young in those days. Their numbers were few, but the few they had were full of righteousness and fervor. If the event had happened decades or even centuries later, the THERRA bound rock might have slipped past unfocused eyes. But it did not, for there were diligent men and women at their posts, and their vision was clear -- these were true believers of the Institute.

The rock did not burn like it should -- gravity’s hold was slight -- and in 142 LC / 8150 KC when the VALLAR ROCK crashed into Therra, it did not hit with the force of a thousand thousand bombs but with an otherworldly peal and a slight ripple of the earth. 

Institute teams arrived within the week to the remote area where the rock crashed -- a place called Vynar, on a continent where no one wanted to live. And while the story differs as to where the rock’s name, VALLAR, came from -- some say it’s from early scans and analysis of its elemental makeup [Va][L][La][R], others say the surrounding area still resonated from the impact and this sound was the name, some even say it came from a shared dream -- VALLAR was what it was called, from the first days until now. 

Over the next fifty years, as they worked to examine and identify the structure of the rock, the small Institute outpost that sprung up around the rock grew to be a town. Two hundred years later, the name of the rock had become the name of the that town. And a few hundred years after that, when the Institute had ‘completed’ its fruitless examination -- but desired to maintain control of any asset regardless of perceived value --  a caretaker position was created to oversee the research site. Over the next hundred years, as the now-abandoned, and rapidly decaying town fell into ruin and then waste, the position, also called VALLAR became the family name of the scientists who lived there.

THE ROCK [937 LC / 8292 KC]

Levels of the Vallar Home

[01] Observatory. Signal Tower.
[02] Laboratory. Guest quarters [Institute].
[03] Hyatt-Vallar bedrooms / bathrooms. Terrace.
[04] Structural support / secondary foundation.
[05] Vallar bedrooms / bathrooms. Exercise. Gym.
[06] Main living area. Kitchen. Guest quarters.
[07] Structural support / primary foundation.
[08] Unknown.

VALLAR was a rock that fell from the heavens.
VALLAR was the town that lived and died in its shadow.
VALLAR was the name of those who called it home.

It was all of those things, and none of them. 

Update on the Grant interview. 

I’ve commented in the after-action post here, but the short version is that we had some problems during the interview. Fortunately, we do have a recording. That’s getting cleaned up (audio equalized, and also edited in some places where someone’s voice dropped out), and after we get that done we’ll post it behind the paywall for subscribers (along with a transcript) later in the week. 

Okay, that’s it for now, more tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.