FAQs forever.

New beginnings lead to new questions. Especially when you’re trying multiple new things.

When we make a creative post, it’s our intent to alway keep the focus and conversation where it should be there: On the cool new characters, stories and worlds we are building.

So this is going to be a centralized hub for all the other questions: Business questions, housekeeping questions, scheduling questions, etc. We’ll make it a living document and update it regularly as things evolve and change. Here are a few to start, then, in the comments, let it fly on what you’d like to know. If it’s a global thing that we think everyone should know, we’ll post it at the top to catch everyone’s attention.


What is Three Worlds, Three Moons?

3W3M is by Mike del Mundo, Jonathan Hickman and Mike Huddleston. It is what we are calling a Concept Universe. A place where, from scratch, a universe of stories, characters, places is built and the readers have full access to engage, and watch it unfold.

When will we learn more about rewards for annual subscribers and founders?

Very soon. We’re going to be sending a form out for your information and from there, a few major announcements in the near future that fill in the details.

Regarding 100/250/500: If you’re in the first 100, you also get the 250 and 500 rewards. If you’re in the first 250, you also get the 500 reward. Of course, instead of those rewards, you can choose the Key, the Map, and the Coin at those levels.

(A Founder is treated as someone who signed up in the top 100 — I know this leads to a question about the ashcan, but we can’t determine if the print quantity would exceed 100 copies until everyone chooses between the ashcan and the Key. So stay tuned on that.)

Any more information on the founding tier?

Short version. We had a plan, then we found a much better one. We’re locking in the details now, but it’s going to be something you’ve never seen before. It’s not just about a physical gift or a comic, it’s something that will give you a sense of what kind of story we’re telling here and help you understand your part in it.

However, to answer the broader questions. Beyond the yearly ‘Founder’ rewards, a Founding Tier member gets every other reward we provide, access to anything restricted, secret stuff, and any special offers we make.

But again, we’re still working on this, so hang in there.

Can people outside the US get shipped rewards?

Not right now, sadly. But we are working to come up with something really cool as an alternative. This is very important to us as we are very aware of just how many of you are not in the US.

Will these books be in print?

Yes. Of course. The plan is to eventually make some of the most beautiful books in the market. Designing these is what Sasha Head is primarily going to be working on. But this space is where the stories are born, and live, and grow -- it’s meant to be a completely different experience. And it will be.

Where can we find you online?

Hey, we’ve got an unofficial discord server, I hear.

3W3M Discord

And a facebook group.

3W3M Facebook

Hey, is there any moderation here or are we just Wild West-ing this place?

We would love — LOVE — for us to never have to police the comments, ban anyone, or tell anyone how to act. We desperately want this place to be special and that starts with appreciating everyone on here. So be constructive, not destructive, and let’s have a good time making things. Thanks!