Open mic night?

Hey guys,

So tomorrow, I’m going to post our first SYSTEM post. We’re going to be starting off with the one that RAM V did on economic systems. There’s a couple reasons why we’re starting with that one.

  • One, is that when comparing what RAM did with AL and TINI, his feels the most like it’s from a thousand feet in the air. It’s a global document, which is a great way to start (AL’s is, well, very AL in that it’s broad and seems to live at surface-level but has tendrils that sprawl in every direction, and TINI’s is basically a deep dive down...waaaaay down a mine shaft, very focused and hyper-specific -- which, when you look at all three together, couldn’t be more perfect for the point of the exercise).

  • And Two, the art is going to be done on that comic first. So it’s also practical.

The way this is going to work is that after I post RAM’s initial document, I’ll then do a two-part riff on it -- exploding the ideas out into story content, scenarios and characters, which you’ll then see the designs for, followed by the comic, and then we’ll give you all the pieces of the process so you can see how we put it all together.

We think this is the right way to walk you through it. If we’re right, then awesome. If we’re wrong then we’ll tweak it a bit on the next one. And we’ll go from there.



The real reason for this post is that we wanted to ask you guys if you’d like for us to do more things like the Grant Morrison interview (and, yes, obviously this time without technical difficulties). That was easy to do, and it’s always fun to talk to creative people...

Or maybe there are other things like that you might want to see? Mike and Mike are throwing around the idea of doing a live draw where they create a look for a character based on feedback from you guys, so that’s another idea...

Really, we could do all kinds of things like that...

But we wanted to know, do you have any requests? Anyone you’d like to see us talk to? Or jam with in some way?

I suppose with the caveat of us completely ignoring any ideas we hate, we’re opening things up for recommendations.

So, if you have any requests, post ‘em below.