Is there some (unwritten) rule in the design documents that all in-universe fantasy words have to end in "-o"? Virtually every page release it's been "Ord-o" "Magistrat-o" "Sankta Urb-o" "Rega Caskamp-o" "Simulad-o Sekuri" "Op-o" "Luddom-o" "Devigist-o" "Op-o Pok-o" "Kart-otrancil-o" "Mens-o Masin-o" "Ferdek-o" "Sangi Kat-o" I assume it's because of inspiration from Latin/Hispanic languages, but it's starting to become a bit jarring to me (which can entirely be my own fault mind you!).

I am just curious if this is an accidental occurrence, or if there's some sort of linguistical bible written that sort of dictates the direction new words should go into. I couldn't find it on here to be honest. Either explanation works for me, it's just something peculiar that I've started to notice. In so much that I've been doing "-o" Bing-o a few pages ago, which prompted me to write this comment.

It's just an observation though, and an honest question; so don't perceive it as saltiness or something negative, I just found it peculiar and wanted to share-o ;) .

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Plots seeing plots seeing plots. Nasty little (enormous) web shaping up.

Loving this series!

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