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I think it was '99 when I went to Angouleme. One of the two big exhibits was a Giraud/Moebius exhibit that was just out of this world. The other artists being feted was Crumb. The entrance was made to look like you were walking through an old mining tunnel, with Blueberry original art in small pockets. And then you came around a corner and saw young Moebius looking Little Prince like at his desk, running across a moonlit desert. Not a drawing or a painting, but a sculptural representation. Further in among allllllll the art by this one human was a wall of his Dune art, something I hadn't known existed until that point. When I discovered he and Jodorowski had collaborated on an attempt to film Dune, I almost wept. Thankfully there was the Moebius porn wing nearby to take my mind off it: each set of art was placed on a wall behind black leather stitched together just loose enough that you could peer through the gap and the laces and focus on the por-- art.

I will never forget that exhibit or that festival.

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I absolutely love that Gurney Halleck! And what does everyone think of the news that Taika Waititi is going to be adapting "The Incal"? I have faith but I keep trying to mix Moebius with his previous visual styles and I'm having troubles seeing it.

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