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Unveiling the latest CIRCLE-exclusive reward, plus a special unboxing video from designer Sasha E Head.

Welcome back to [REWARDS] DAYS, where we’re still sharing exciting new details about what you can expect as a paid 3 Worlds / 3 Moons subscriber, include a brand new set of PRINT rewards. Remember, the cut-off date to qualify for these new Year 2 rewards is THIS WEDNESDAY, June 21, 2023! So don’t miss your chance, subscribe or upgrade to THE CIRCLE now—

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As we return for week 2 of [REWARDS] Days, we wanted to start off with a surprise.

When we were putting together this year’s set of rewards, we wanted to add something unexpected to the mix, something unique but also suited to the year’s focus on [MAPS].

And as you can see from the video above, we think what we came up is pretty special.

Today, we’re excited to reveal that all CIRCLE level subscribers will receive this beautiful, limited and collectible edition 3W/3M Compass. It’s the perfect desk or shelf item to complement your continuing 3W/3M journey.

THE COMPASS is a working compass clocking in at a 2.3” diameter, 0.5” thickness, and weighing 6.2 oz. It has a brass finish, a red and black needle, and all notations in Kreska. We wouldn’t recommend traversing the Three Worlds and Three Moons without it. It was brilliantly designed by our own Sasha E Head, and also comes housed in a custom metal tin (4” x 3.2”) emblazoned with the 3 Worlds / 3 Moons logo.

And if you happened to miss the video above, do yourself a favor and check out Sasha unboxing THE COMPASS for the first time. It’s a killer item and a great first reaction.

Here’s some more photos for you to feast your eyes on:

Again, THE COMPASS will be available exclusively to members of THE CIRCLE, and the deadline for all Year 2 subscriber rewards – June 21 – is fast approaching. If you know you’d be lost without them:

Subscribe to 3 Worlds / 3 Moons today to get:

  • Exclusive Comics!

  • Community Events like Live-Draws and Creator Interviews.

  • Special Offers and Discounts for EMPORIA, our new web store.

  • Annual Subscribers will receive the [MAPS] Graphic Novel Sourcebook in Softcover Format.

Or if you’re already a paid subscriber, upgrade to THE CIRCLE to receive:

  • A Limited, Deluxe Hardcover Edition of the [MAPS] Graphic Novel Sourcebook, signed by Jonathan Hickman, Mike del Mundo, and Mike Huddleston.

  • THE VALLARS Preview Edition – a 48-page Collector’s Item featuring the first chapters of our inaugural ongoing series, signed by artist Jason Howard.

  • ACADEMY Sunday Edition – a 12-page Collector’s Item printed on newsprint and featuring the first 24 installments of our weekly Sunday serial, signed by artist Steve Epting.

  • THE COMPASS – an immaculately crafted and unique collector’s item designed by Sasha E Head.

  • A prestige, metal and gold embossed CIRCLE membership card you can use to unlock rewards at in-person events.

  • Much more to come!

Upgrade now

Please note: shipping is not included in your rewards and will be charged separately when the items are nearing fulfillment.

If you think that’s all we have up our sleeves, you’d be mistaken. Come back tomorrow for more print rewards…

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